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Google  and search engine make about 64% of all searches on the internet. Having your website rank higher ultimately give your business and added advantage. The benefits of this you will see increased traffic to your website and consequently improved sales.

As an SEO agency our goals is to make sure that your business is ranked highly so that your business enjoys those benefits. We consistently look for ways your website ranks the right way utilizing both White and Grey hat SEO strategies

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Engaging in fruitful partnerships for a successful outcome

Combining years of experience in SEO Audit and Backlink we help businesses reach their potential .

We will bring the knowledge of working with different industry players from 5-star hotels, lodges, law firms, hospitals, gyms, and tour, and travel agencies in Kenya Uganda, Tanzania Rwanda, and United Kingdom to ensure that your business is able to compete with other businesses online and even surpass them. Engaging with the right SEO agency is important as it safeguards your business outlook on the internet. Let start on this journey together for your business prosperity.

Core Business Areas

Our SEO department focuses on the certain areas that prove to be beneficial to businesses that want to rank high on search engines. We focus on the following core business area.

SEO Audit

This is an important aspect of SEO ranking. We make an in-depth analysis to find issues that may be within your website. We perform the following content analysis for relevant keywords and H1, in-page links, sitemaps validity, broken links, mobile-friendliness, schema, backlinks, page load speeds, Domain Authority, to name a few.

Visitor Growth

Increased traffic is the goal for every organization and the traffic converting to sales, or leads is an essential thing for every business. Here at Affluent Digital, we take that extremely seriously. Our devoted team will ensure that no stone is left unturned in our quest to ensuring we provide the best SEO services for your website. Consequently leading to more conversions on your website

Web Analytics

We are continually tracking the improvement on your website through our analytics tools. And use the information to look for ways we can improve the website. Periodically we analyze the data and issue you with reports with an in-depth explanation of the progress made and keep you informed on the progress made

Innovative Strategies

Innovation is our core DNA. We are constantly looking for ways to provide more value to our client who are the backbone of what we do. Research forms our daily part in our quest to serve our client perfectly, looking at new and amazing strategies for our client to get the most out of the services that we render.

Link Building

This is Off-Page optimization; the more links that your website has, the higher the trust score. The more quality links that your website secures, the more Domain Authority that your site is awarded since it means it has a higher trust score. This takes time to get the best links, but our work is to ensure that you link to get quality follow links.

Reputation Management

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) is quite essential. We strive to provide clients with customized online solutions to aid efforts for online reputation management efforts. How customers view your online business correlates with whether they will engage with you. Our top team will provide you with quality and tested steps that will improve the reputation of your website/ Online footprint.

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Advanced Web Marketing Strategies for New Firms

Owning a website, especially for the first time, might be daunting and maybe confusing, but not to worry, our team of qualified personnel will ensure that we manage your website for you. With our skills, we will ensure you hit the ground running, getting traffic, and conversions that your business requires..

Depending on your industry and business Click Through Rate (CTR) may differ we try as much as possible to create content that mirrors your industry CTR as possible
The Click Per Acquisition (CPA) is dependent on the business. Our core goal is to ensure that your ads have the least CPA in relation to the value of your products. Therefore increasing the profit of your organization
We will try to maximize the Return On Investment (ROI) of your investment money on ads and SEO. Having a ROI of about 140-160% is what our team targets