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Back-end of Google Ads

When you search for a query on Google, the search engine runs an algorithm that determines what information or ads will be displayed on your results page. This algorithm is called ‘the auction,’ and it runs every time a person searches for anything. You can maximize these algorithms by ensuring that your service/website ranks highly on google. An agent can do that for you by setting up a pay-per-click campaign for your business. You are in luck because we at Affluent Digital Solutions provide google ads in Kenya, and we can set it up for you. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of google ads.
Relatively Cheap
Every keyword has an average cost per click (CPC) associated with it. You can spend as much or as little as you’d like since you charged per word per every click made on your keywords. Allocate your own budget, do not let goggle do that for you as there is that option. Allocating your own budget ensures that you can tell Google where to prioritize the budget and you won’t be left with one or two campaigns outperforming the rest.
Buy your way to the top.
Google ads in Kenya allows you to pay for your ads to rank at the top. You are allowed to keep paying for them to come up at the top of the landing page when a query is searched, and it corresponds to your keywords. You remain at the top for as long as you pay the amount required for Ad Rank. This is a great SEO initiative.
You don’t have to spend loads of money for you to be at the top.
Google Ads levels the playing field for big and small advertisers alike. As long as your keywords, ads, and landing pages are most relevant, your ad will show up. Google does this by using Ad Rank. This is just a value that determines an ad’s position on the page and how much you’ll pay for a click on any given search. No matter how big a budget a business spends on its google marketing plan, what matters is that your keywords match with search queries.
You can measure what is working and what is not
It is crucial for a business to know what is working for them and what is not, especially in marketing. A business essentially wants to maximize profits while minimizing costs. For this to translate to actual profits, you need to know what strategy brings in more clients. Google ads do this by providing statistical analysis of your conversion rates, and tells you every time a person who searched for your business, visited your website. When you tell Google what your average sale is worth, it’ll calculate ROI for you directly in their dashboard.
Targeting and re-marketing
You can target anything, on any device, in any location down to a one-mile radius around any location. You can target your ads to the cities you serve. You can even Geo-target, so your ads will show up for anyone within a given radius of your business.
You can bid higher or lower based on historical performance on each location, and mobile devices. For example, if most of your conversions are coming from mobile devices, you can tell Google to bid higher on relevant searches from a mobile device.
What about re-marketing? This is basically targeting the people who have already visited your website. You can turn on the re-marketing feature in your Google Ads account. Then, you’re able to create lists based on pages people visited and serve them ads based on those pages.
A new addition is the ability to upload a list of your customer email addresses to Google Ads. If they happen to use the same email address to sign in to Google, you can re-market to them while they’re signed in.
That said, make sure your privacy policy includes how you’ll use your customers’ personal information, and also make sure you abide by Google’s re-marketing policy.
Protect Your Brand
You can do this if you’re in a highly competitive industry. This is done by buying your own name as a way to keep your competitors off your back when someone searches for you by name. Not only should you have the top organic listing, but you should also have the top paid listing. Plus, a click on your own brand is going to be cheaper.
In conclusion
Google ads has revolutionized marketing in the digital age. It has made customers more accessible and made it possible to reach your target audience remotely. We can set up Google ads for you in Kenya. Feel free to send a chat and contact our offices for further information.